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Princeton New Jersey firm helps victims recover from their personal injury losses

When financial recovery is a necessity following an accident, it is important to have an experienced legal professional handling your claim. Even obvious injury claims can be problematic when the insurance company or respondent is intent on defending or denying the claim, especially in serious injury cases that have a potential for high-value settlements. Even apparently simple cases of negligence can still be difficult when settling in certain states, as personal contribution to the injury can matter greatly depending on the location of the fact. Insurance company adjusters are professional negotiators who deal with accident claims on a daily basis, and all insurance company adjusters are looking for an edge that could allow them to deny or lessen the value of a claim, especially in situations with significant insurance coverage levels. The injured claimant needs a professional negotiation legal team as well for an equitable settlement.

Seeking just compensation for personal injury injuries

New Jersey Auto Accident Cases

Auto accidents can be very complicated cases when there are multiple vehicles involved, and especially when those vehicles include big rig trucks. Every driver that is a party to the crash will have legal representation, including the truck driver and their employer, and each personal injury attorney will be fighting for their client. Of course, trucking companies work diligently to control the legal process from the very beginning, usually attempting to divert fault away from their driver. All injured individuals in passenger vehicles need solid legal representation in order to receive an equitable settlement and be evaluated fairly for personal contribution to the accident. This can be a very important factor in a personal injury settlement, and your personal injury attorney from Haveson and Otis will work most diligently in this area of negotiation. These can be high-value cases, especially when the defending insurance companies use bad faith tactics.

New Jersey Premises Law Cases

Premises law is also another area of legal financial recovery that can be strongly defended as well. The material case factors can be very important in a premises personal injury claim. All businesses are required to maintain a safe environment for their customers, as well as landlords and commercial property owners. These cases can also include multiple respondents who may have been negligent in the duty of care responsibilities regarding maintenance of the property or the business place. Both the owner and the operator could be negligent along with a personal property owner. All parties will always have aggressive representation helping to at least lower the settlement amount from the claim.

Protecting your claim

Never Handle a New Jersey Personal Injury Case Personally

All injury claims can be difficult, and it is never an undertaking for a novice injured victim who does not understand how a case can be dismissed in summary. While it is okay to make the first contact with the responsible insurance company or the negligent respondent, taking a denied claim to court is a completely different issue. In states such as New Jersey that use modified comparative negligence, a claim can be dismissed quickly if the injured plaintiff is immediately determined to have been over 50% responsible for the injury. This is exactly where insurance company attorneys attack first and your legal representative from Haveson and Otis will be watching immediately.

Actually, it is best to retain an attorney immediately after discussing a case with the insurance agent, especially if they have offered a quick settlement in the first discussion. This is always a sign that the adjuster wants to settle the case quickly with a full release for future medical responsibilities. Never sign anything and call an attorney as soon as possible. Anyone in New Jersey who is facing the potential of a personal injury claim should contact Haveson and Otis for a full free evaluation of the claim value potential.

Haveson and Otis is conveniently located in Princeton. If needed, one of our attorneys can make arrangements to visit you in your home or at the hospital to make certain of a timely investigation and claim filing. If you or a loved one has been injured, call 609-921-0090 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.