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Find the Best Speeding Ticket Lawyer in New Jersey

Find the Best Speeding Ticket Lawyer in New Jersey
Just because you received a ticket for going too fast does not mean you can’t fight the charges in court. When you hire the best speeding ticket lawyer in New Jersey, you can avoid costly fines and a possible suspension of your license. Here is why you should consult with a speeding ticket lawyer in New Jersey before making a guilty plea and accepting the charges.
Collecting Important Evidence
The first thing that your speeding ticket lawyer in New Jersey will do is collect evidence from where the ticket was issued. If speed limit signs are obstructed or missing, your lawyer will argue you were driving as fast as the last posted speed limit you were able to safely see.
Analyzing the Test Equipment
Your attorney will see if the police officer has a history of incorrectly using the testing device or if the equipment has in the past given incorrect readings. He can also check to make sure that the officer properly tested the equipment on the day it was used to measure your speed.  It only takes a few mistakes in the past to cast doubt on your case, something your lawyer excels in doing.  Your attorney will have access to this information which could help your case.
Challenging Officers Observations
The officer must show up to the court or your case can be dismissed. When they are present, your attorney knows how to ask the right questions about what the officer observed the day you received the speeding ticket. If the officer does not provide a clear recollection or has you confused with another person, your case could be dismissed.
Seek a dismissal or reduction of your charge
Sometimes, the officer will charge you with multiple traffic violations. If this is the case, your speeding ticket lawyer in New Jersey can sometimes get some of the charges dropped in exchange for pleading guilty to the most serious charge. Sometimes, they may even drop some of the extra charges if you agree to attend a driver training program. In certain other instances, they may be willing to reduce a moving violation to a non-moving violation that does not impact your record as harshly.
By reaching out to a local speeding ticket lawyer in New Jersey, you will be in the best position to avoid points on your license, losing your license, and having to pay costly fines. Contact the office of Haveson and Otis online or by calling 609-917-9370 today to schedule a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your traffic ticket with one of our experienced legal professionals.